383/440 NHRA Super Stock Cylinder Heads

· Feature Ferrea stainless steel intake and exhaust valve, Comp Cams valve train hardware.

· Description: Intake, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers are CNC machined. Heads are hand blended for maximum efficiency.

· The most competitive super stock cylinder heads on the market. 12 combined class wins to date, 1 Division 7 Championship, and 1 World Championship.

426 Hemi NHRA Super Stock Cylinder Heads

· Feature Ferrea stainless steel intake and exhaust valve, Del-West valve train hardware, and Pac valve springs.

· Description: Intake, and exhaust ports are fully welded; no epoxy. Ports and chambers are CNC machined. Heads are hand blended for maximum efficiency.

LS1 & LS2 GM NHRA Super Stock Cylinder Heads


Super Stock 426 Hemi Rocker Arm System (Patent Pending)

One-piece rocker stand for maximum rigidity.
“Non canted” inline rockers for optimum valve train geometry.
5/8” rocker shaft diameter, 7/16” adjuster screw diameter GM cup style.
Rocker system is 6lbs lighter per bank than the leading competitor.
Rocker arms are independent from each other to cancel harmonic transfer.
Contact CFO for installation and pricing.

Super Stock 426 Hemi Sheet Metal Valve Covers

TIG welded sheet metal cover.
Billet sparkplug tube seals.
Low profile exhaust side for inner fender well clearance.
Valve covers feature non perimeter bolt pattern, and are held in place by 2 center bolts for quick removal.

Front Drive Distributor

Available for 383, 426, 440 Chrysler; and small/big block Chevrolet.
100% billet aluminum. Features a 1 piece cam pulley.
Lightest (1lb 14oz.) and lowest profile front drive distributor on the market.

Super Stock Big Block Dodge Oil Pump

Direct replacement with built-in filter mount to be NHRA rule legal.
Available with 1.250” and 1.375” gear sections to tailor for customer needs.
Specifically designed to run 2, 5, and 10wt racing oils with no cavitation.
Low, medium, and high spring rates for desired oil pressure and features adjustable set screw for fine tuning.

383, 426, 440 Water Pump Adaptors

Billet aluminum
1-10AN outlet per side
Designed to accept Big Block Chevrolet water pump for front drive distributor clearance.

New JONES Valve Spring retainer & lock assembly
The only Lock and retainer designed solely for 426 Super Stock Hemi Valve train.

* Fits all popular Triple Valve springs, and 1.500' Pro-Stock dual springs (please specify when ordering.)
* Increased O.D. To reduce Premature Retainer Wear
* Smaller I.D. adds cross section and adds strength where the retainer is most likley to fail.
* Increased Cross section at O.D. Of Retainer to strenghten and reduce 'Oil Canning' affect on the retainer.

* Radius beed lock to reduce valve stem stress points.
* Designed to be used with .309' Stem dia.
* 8 Degree lock angle to add clamping load and reduce Valve stem wear.
* Reduced from .490' to .425' O.D. to increase valve conformability
* High Lock groove placement to maximise valve stem contact and eliminate tip failures (The main cause of engine failure)



*Relocated jet for sideways mounted Hemi Carbs to prevent fuel starvation during launch.

*Jet placement also works on inline holleys with side hung floats and is designed so the float does not have to be cut for jet extentions, and will work on all forward facing 6 pac carbs.

*Redesigned idle and high speed circut's designed for Trans Brake and 2 step cars to control A/F ratio while the engine is on the starting line Rev limiter.

*Pocket milled bowl side for 6cc of additional fuel.